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We were born out of a dream, our motivation has and it will always be to take hunger and misery out of our indigenous communities, living and working so close to them for so long has allowed us to see their reality from a very close perspective, we have witnessed many cases of extreme poverty and that has given us the courage and strength needed to keep moving forward, we have faced and overcome even the most dangerous and hardest obstacles one can imagine just because quitting on our people has never been an option, our main goal here has been identifying indigenous gold mining communities and developing close relationships so we can get to know their most basic needs and also develop a clean mining culture promoting the non use of mercury or any other chemical agents.  Trading and selling their gold thru our company allows them to maximize their production and profits so their families and communities are directly benefited from our commercial activities, it is our hope that one day with your support we can say that we have brought prosperity to their families.

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